colorblind-book-cover-2Breaking a Cycle (is a contemporary narrative driving a romantic twist on the Fannie Hurst Novel, Imitation of Life. The story explores this young woman’s need to be loved, in which we discover has nothing to do with self-hatred, as in Imitation of Life. She merely seeks acceptance in a world she wishes was colorblind. Book One of the Colorblind Series is a romance thriller that will keep readers on the edge of their seats as they unravel the turmoil of Kat Rossi’s life. A life that has been secretly manipulated by those that love her

Step into Kathryn Rossi’s world of Architectural Design. The city springs to life within these pages. Like from a popup book, the story unfolds revealing; romance, intrigue, and family secrets.

Kathryn (Kat) Rossi

Love had nothing to do with it. My husband married me to gain access to my father’s billions. When Nick Rossi discovered I wasn’t an heiress, he expressed his disappointment with his fists. I walked away from that abuse and stumbled upon my husband’s true identity. He’s a dangerous monster that will stop at nothing to lay greedy hands on my father’s fortune.

Daddy is a very wealthy man. You throw a rock in this town; chances are you’ll hit something he owns. I’m the one glaring mistake in my father’s portfolio. I’m Mitchel Lewis’s dirty little secret. He long ago tossed a load of cash at my 10-year self and walked away without a backward glance, leaving me to deal with my mother’s broken heart. She died shortly after. My Na-Nan raised me.

The Billionaire real-estate mogul is now happily married to the woman that was his mistress.

The men in my life have been nothing but heartbreak, danger, and disappointment. That is until Trevor Hardt – The Prince of Cybersecurity- comes face to face with my perils.

Can I trust him with my secrets? Can I trust him with my heart?

Trevor Hardt

My Architect, Kathrine Rossi, captivates me. She’s an enigma; quietly beautiful, yet boisterously assertive; charismatic, yet stuck-up; sexy as hell, yet frumpy. I’ve secretly embedded myself in her world, digging up and rooting out every iota of information that I can glean about her. The fragmented shards that I uncover rattle me to my core and draw me deeper into her world. I make it my mission to become her protector from the dangers that are closing in.

This perplexing woman will be my ruin or my best risk ever.


Kat is second-generation mixed-race, raised by her Grandmother (Na-Nan) who is a fiery old girl that has her own plans for her Granddaughter.  “I’ve seen the bruises.  Your husband has raised his hands to you.  If you left him, I’m glad for it.  But to see you take up with another man that is not your own kind, only to repeat the same mistake, cuts me deep.  I raised you to be a strong black woman.  To not foolishly follow in the footsteps of your mother, or me for that matter.  I thought you would be the one to break the cycle.  To not let these men use you for your beauty –as their exotic plaything, and toss you aside when they’ve had their fill.”