The Lord of Desire

Will she find Mr. Right, courtesy of a one-night stand with Mr. Right now?

The Lord of Desire…Hmm.

Don’t get it twisted.  He’s not some stuffy Victorian Nobleman donning a tailcoat, cane, and spats.

Oh no, not this Lord.  M’Lord – as he prefers– is a whole hell of a lot of sexy.

My name is Massey Buchannan and today is my thirty-eighth birthday.  To celebrate, my best friend is treating me to a day of pampered indulgence, and a night of hedonistic debauchery.  This is all in an attempt to get me out of my three-year drought.

I go along with Johanna’s naughty plans because I’m intrigued…and…because I need to get laid and laid well.

That’s when I meet The Lord of Desire, and he delivers in spades.

-A fun, erotic read- Follow these two women into these pages and laugh your sexy sox off. Be warned- It’s guaranteed to set your e-readers on fire and scorch your Kindles into ashes with its steamy, dreamy, scenes.

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